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Design Services

Considering hiring a Design Professional?

The question on most minds is how do Designers charge their services.  For us, this depends on how much assistance is personally needed and the time involved. Let's take a few examples.  

Scenario #1.  Rebecca has a pretty good idea what she wants her home to look like and needs a little confidence or reassurance that the ideas being considered are the right ones. If this is you, and you are purchasing window coverings and/or flooring, we do not charge to consult for paint, countertop options and even cabinetry.  It's free!  If you need further assistance such as  furniture selection, space planning, lighting, or plumbing fixtures, then we charge a fee based upon the size and scope of your project.

Scenario #2.  Jacob needs a creative persona to help in every aspect of their project, from wall texture, interior fixtures, trim options to plumbing components, counter-top alternatives, flooring and much more. This project fee is determined by the square footage of the remodel or new construction project. For example a 2000 sq ft project, the fees would range from $2.00 to $3.00 per foot. A portion of the design fee may be able to be applied to purchases of new flooring or window coverings.

Scenario #3.  Mary would like a fresh new look and is hoping to use his existing decor. We may be able to relocate furnishings in the room or by removing a piece we can make a positive impact in the feel and setting. To modernize a family room, it might just need the perfect new paint color and a few pieces of wall art. Let's not forget plants, they clean the air and bring life into your space. Initial consultation fee ranges from $90.00-$125.00.

We want our clients to be delighted, to enjoy their new products durability and it's style for years to come. We do hope you will choose us for all your flooring, window covering and design projects, both residential and commercial.  We look forward to working with you and further creating your personal retreat.

Lynne Bernasky, Owner